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  • Before you book on our site, you should check the validity of your passports and residence permits, which must be valid for at least 6 months after the start of the trip.

  • Please fill in all information correctly during the booking process. Incorrect information can lead to exclusion from the program. Furthermore, false information can be reported as fraud.

  • Please note the instructions after booking. You will receive instructions and information on payment, visa procurement and other important points that are important for the booking or trip from us by e-mail.

visa procurement

  • If you provide incorrect information when obtaining a visa, you must expect penalties.

  • If you do not comply with the visa stay times, you must also expect penalties. In the worst case, it can lead to imprisonment and a ban on entering the country.

  • Do not falsify any information in the vaccination book or marital status, otherwise you will have to expect penalties.

  • The visa is only valid for the pilgrimage journey. You may not pursue any business purposes with this visa!

  • Since all ancillary services have been realized with the issuance of the visa, you must pay all planned costs. A refund is no longer possible from this point in time.

Flight & Transportation

  • Please do not take any liquids with you in your hand luggage. These include, for example, shampoo and hygiene articles. You are also not allowed to take forbidden objects with you, you bear sole liability!

  • In the event of a delay at the airport, you must bear the follow-up costs yourself. We do not cover the additional costs.

  • Any consequential costs resulting from incorrect or disregarde-d information or obligations are borne by the traveler independently. We cannot be held responsible for this. These include, for example: Concealment of drug addiction or pregnancy!


  • If you don't like the food and you buy the food yourself. Then you bear the costs yourself.

  • Also pay attention to the house rules in the hotel. Eating in the rooms or giving home to a stranger is strictly prohibited!

  • Take care of your valuables, if something gets lost, we and the hotel assume no liability.

  • When using public WiFi, you must not install illegal applications or access prohibited sites.


  • Umrah trips are not possible after Ramadan! Only again after a month after the Hajj trip!

  • Umrah trips can only be carried out with a registered agency. Independent Umrah journeys are not allowed.

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